I am an expert system developer with a focus on web, database and mobile implementations.

  • Daniel Winther
  • June 21, 1982
  • info@danielwinther.se


  • System developer Sep 2012 - Present

    Blocket AB, Stockholm

    System developer at Blocket, sweden's largest e-commerce site. Mainly working as a back- and frontend developer in Blocket Bostad using Javascript, CSS, HTML, Python, PHP, Java, Postgresql and our in-house custom programming language.

    I am also a part of a team that designed and implemented a system for analyzing massive amount of data in realtime to be able to deliver better ad content. We used Java 7 for the development.

  • System developer Sep 2011 - Aug 2012

    Diino Systems AB (www.diino.com), Stockholm

    In charge of the development of the backend storage platform used in Diino's cloud backup service. The development involved handling massive amount of sensitive data under heavy load in a large, distributed system. I developed the backend in close cooperation with the client developers to bring a flexible integration for the server. All development was done using Perl and mod_perl2, MySQL and CouchDB.

  • Consultant, web/system developer Oct 2010 - Jan 2012

    Bonnier Utbildning (www.bonnierutbildning.se), Stockholm

    In charge of the development of a new virtual education platform for digital books with integrated interactive exercises and games. All development was done using Actionscript, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, HTML and CSS/CSS3.

  • System/Web architect and developer, sysadmin July 2009 - Dec 2011

    Devillusion AB (www.devillusion.com), Stockholm

    One of the founders of the company that developed the browser based onlinegame Aloriah (www.aloriah.com) with a peak of around 35 000 active accounts. I worked with the overall system architecture for the entire game, payment integrations, tools development, account management and the browser client. All development was done using Java, Javascript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL. I also worked as our only system administrator that took care of setting up and managing all the servers, domains and DNS.

  • System developer (C#) Jan 2008 - Dec 2008

    Gemalto (www.gemalto.com), Stockholm

    I developed a software for distributed, secure and transactional transfering of files that still is used to distribute files between their physically separated networks. Also worked a lot with development of tools to handle Mifare card encodings and decodings. All development was done using Microsoft .NET and C#.

  • System developer (C#), Programmer (C++) May 2007 - Dec 2007

    Setec TAG AB, Stockholm

    I worked with the development of digital camera software components using C++ for use in their personalization software. I also designed and developed a software, using Microsoft .NET and C#, that is used to visually create encoding profiles for Mifare chip cards that they use in their software today.

  • Mobile game developer Jan 2005 - Dec 2007

    DW Games, my own company, Stockholm

    I designed and developed a number of games for the old (java) generation of mobile phones that sold in around 70 000 copies and was distributed in all of Europe. All development was done using Java and Java ME.

Hobby projects

  • Tiles (iOS/Android game)January 2015 - Present


    Mobile puzzle game with a fresh and innovative gameplay and a minimalistic interface.

  • Chicken Race (iOS & Android app)July 2013 - July 2014

    Flash, Actionscript

    Physics based puzzle game with a twist.

  • Utgiftskollen (iOS app)Dec 2012 - Sept 2013


    iOS app that connects to your bank accounts and automatically reads and categorize your transactions. The app was a personal success and reached #3 in the national top list of payed apps in the swedish App Store. Development has been discontinued due to lack of time and because the market has matured and more viable options are now available.


  • Engineer, Computer technology2005 - 2011

    Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

    Specialization in system development and distributed systems.

Programming Skills

  • Java

  • Javascript

  • Python

  • PHP

  • SQL

  • Actionscript

  • C#

  • Perl

  • mod_perl

Web Skills

  • (X)HTML

  • CSS/CSS3

  • jQuery

Mobile Skills

  • Titanium Mobile (Android + iOS)

  • Corona SDK (Android + iOS)

Database Skills

  • MySQL

  • SQLite

  • PostgreSQL

  • CouchDB

OS Skills

  • Mac

  • Unix/Linux

  • Windows

IDE Skills

  • Netbeans

  • Eclipse

  • Visual Studio

Other Skills

  • TDD

  • XP (agile dev.)

  • Ajax

  • JSON

  • REST

  • Scrum

  • XML